Ruhm kuv lau-dvolau katra svi mu'gel'es -- dunghi sher-tor svi'ha'ge buhfik Ki'tishau yellar Nuh'mau na'ptha mu-yor
07.01.2011 в 11:55
Пишет -Morrigan-:

Утро Шерлока Холмса =)
Я вообще англо-американский сленг не сильно жалую. Вероятно, по тоя причине, что я его просто-напросто не знаю. Но совершенно неожиданно доставил прекрасное =)

Sherlock Holmes morning

When you wake up not sure where you are or where you've been. This usually happens after a night of drinking too much, or just enough. The first thing you deduce is where your at. The best is your own bed with a hottie. If not find your pants and try and find someone you know.

After this is done you check your cell phone to see who you called and texted. This may require apologies laterdepending on the time and what sounded good last night.

Then you start checking your surroundings, is that blood or pizza sauce all over my shirt? Why does my leg hurt when I try to stand? Where is my other shoe?

After you make sure that nothing requires medical attention its time to start calling your friends like sherlock holmes to figure out what the hell happened this morning.

I had one hell of a sherlock holmes morning, I woke up on a park bench with a dead squirrel.

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